“Hooli-Con” (S04E09)

The team heads to Hooli-Con with a plan to mask the Pied Piper app as the event’s wifi access point using strategically placed routers, in order to get Pied Piper installed in the maximum number of phones possible. After running into his ex-girlfriend Winnie, who is presenting her boyfriend’s app, Richard sabotages their laptop’s screensaver, which triggers a ‘tactical response team’ sent by Hoover, Hooli’s head of security. He tries to warn Jack Barker that Pied Piper is up to something, but is violently dismissed and threatened to be fired. After Hoover finally catches Dinesh and Gilfoyle red-handed on CCTV, he lets them go as Richard once collaborated with Gavin Belson to hinder Jack Barker’s plans at Hooli and he sympathizes with this. Pied Piper finally gets installed on a sufficient number of phones, which allows Richard to move all of FGI’s data into the app, eliminating the need for an auxiliary data server and its related costs. The high point of the event sees Jack Barker and Keenan Feldspar presenting their VR mobile tech to the world, but it fails miserably and causes Hooli phones all over the auditorium to explode. Meanwhile, Erlich decides to accept Gavin Belson’s invitation (originally addressed to Richard and company but taking “and company” literally) to come and join him at a monastery in Tibet, to Belson’s shock.

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