“Two in the Box” (S03E02)

Richard meets with the sales team at Pied Piper. During the meeting, Richard finds out the plans for platform are business-facing, instead of consumer-facing. Referring to his experience of the Dot-com bubble, Jack explains to Richard that they need to make profit fast, and promises that he would never compromise the product, explaining later that by “product” he means in fact the company’s stock value. Richard tells the sales team what he wants the platform to be, but they want to remove every feature that Richard wants, so it’s easier to sell it to businesses. Later, the sales team show Richard a commercial for the product, and it’s exactly what Richard does not want it to be. Meanwhile, Jared plans to move back into his condo, but the tenant refuses to leave or pay rent; as Erlich explains how difficult it is to evict a tenant, Jian-Yang decides not to accept the end of his own lease. At Hooli, Gavin suggests to the engineers to alter the company’s search algorithm so it doesn’t display any more negative Nucleus stories about him or his company. The Nucleus team crack the middle-out compression shortly before their contracts expire, and decide to take this knowledge with them.

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