“Bachmanity Insanity” (S03E06)

Gavin Belson faces public backlash from the story published by Cantwell. He ends up threatening her with legal action if she doesn’t reveal her source. Meanwhile, Erlich sets up an expensive Hawaiian-themed party at Alcatraz to launch Bachmanity while Big Head warns him that he can lose all his severance money if Belson finds out he shared the story with Cantwell, which constitutes a breach of his non-disclosure agreement. Erlich dismisses him and says he’ll fix it. Richard starts dating Winnie, a coder for Facebook, and eventually brings her home. The following morning, Gilfoyle and Dinesh notice that Winnie uses spaces instead of tabs for coding, a technique which, they tell her, Richard despises. When she reveals this to him, Richard tries to deny it as an issue, but the relationship eventually goes sour because of his inability to deal with it. Meanwhile, Big Head’s business manager, Arthur Clayman, warns him that he has to control spending or risk going bankrupt. At the same time, Erlich phones Big Head, announcing that he acquired Code/Rag, Cantwell’s blog, for $500,000, thus buying her into not revealing her source, to Clayman’s shock. Dinesh flirts via video chat with Elizabet, one of Pied Piper’s outsourced coders who lives in Estonia, but when he finally reveals himself she mentions her “boyfriend”, while Gilfoyle mocks him. During the party, which Erlich dubbed “Bachmanity Insanity”, Sasha, the party manager, tells Bachman that the supplier’s checks have bounced. Right before the big speech, Clayman informs him that Bachmanity has gone broke.

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