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“To Build a Better Beta” (S03E07)

Pied Piper is a success, hitting 100,000 downloads in just 10 days, receiving significant media coverage and being hailed as the next unicorn of the tech world. During an interview for Bloomberg, Erlich almost lets slip that he no longer owns any Pied Piper shares. When Richard learns about this during an interview with a…

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“Bachmanity Insanity” (S03E06)

Gavin Belson faces public backlash from the story published by Cantwell. He ends up threatening her with legal action if she doesn’t reveal her source. Meanwhile, Erlich sets up an expensive Hawaiian-themed party at Alcatraz to launch Bachmanity while Big Head warns him that he can lose all his severance money if Belson finds out…

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“The Empty Chair” (S03E05)

The team finds out Pied Piper is running out of money, as Raviga is funding them in installments and will only continue to do so when they deliver the finished product, which is now the platform. They take drastic measures and decide to get rid of the office, its equipment and all employees, returning to…

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“Maleant Data Systems Solutions” (S03E04)

After he caught the team red-handed trying to develop the platform in secret, Jack threatens to fire them. Richard fires back, stating that without him and his team he won’t be able to deliver a working prototype of the box to Maleant before the planned deadline. The team agrees with Jack to create a basic…

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“Meinertzhagen’s Haversack” (S03E03)

The team visit the data center where Pied Piper box would be stored, along with one engineer on site for 24/7 support. Further appalled by this prospect, Richard continues to push his idea of Pied Piper as a platform versus the box appliance, but Jack refuses. Upon learning this, Gilfoyle quits and begins to receive…

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“Two in the Box” (S03E02)

Richard meets with the sales team at Pied Piper. During the meeting, Richard finds out the plans for platform are business-facing, instead of consumer-facing. Referring to his experience of the Dot-com bubble, Jack explains to Richard that they need to make profit fast, and promises that he would never compromise the product, explaining later that…

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